If you’ve been to other places, you’d probably agree that dating in Chicago is different from any other city. The local dating scene changes depending on the time of the year and even the neighborhood you live in. That said, most Chicagoans are the nicest people you’ll ever meet and dating in Chicago can easily become the best experience you’ve ever had. Here’s a couple of reasons why.

Chicagoans can actually afford to live alone

The rent here is not as crazy as in New York or Los Angeles, so locals don’t have to share their apartment with others unless they really like them. It also means no neighbors during the most unexpected moments and no rushing to move in together trying to save money, as it often happens in other cities. All of it makes dating in Chicago less stressful and gives you more opportunities to hang out alone. It’s especially awesome during the cold season because as you already know, winters in Chicago are insane.

You can recreate the Obama’s first date in Hyde Park

Every Chicago single considered this dating idea at least once in their life. When you tried absolutely everything, this scenario can make your first date truly special. You can follow Obama’s route step by step, starting from the art center and all the way through the movie to your first kiss outside an ice cream parlor. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can easily meet in Hyde Park and then take your date to wherever the fantasy takes you.

Chicagoans are living their best lives during the summer

Chicago dating scene in summer is something to look forward to because the locals really enjoy themselves when it gets warm outside. Very few people want to escape the city, which makes it different from New York or San Francisco, so if you are looking for a date from the neighborhood, you can meet them in that very neighborhood. They are all around. Besides, Chicago is not as crammed with tourists as other cities so you can actually get in these fancy rooftop restaurants. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Lots of unique dating services

You can meet all kinds of Chicago singles in all sorts of places. Gay, straight, adult dating – whatever it is you’re looking for, Chicago has it all. It’s a truly liberal dating scene, and you won’t encounter such a variety of options anywhere else. Besides, you don’t have to know somebody to get introduced to the community you’d like to join. Simply going to the dating site will be more than enough as Chicagoans aren’t very suspicious about new people. Just don’t act creepy and you’ll be fine. Lots of Michelin-starred restaurants

Singles in Chicago can easily have a good time in one of the local Michelin-starred restaurants which by the way are super affordable compared to other places. Although three restaurants have lost their star this year, you still have got 22 more to choose from. And it doesn’t matter where you live because they are pretty much scattered around the city. So, yeah, it’s easy to make dating in Chicago fancy.


We hope that this post about the Chicago dating scene was useful. If you are new to the city, welcome and have a good time! And if you’re seasoned Chicagoan, share your dating ideas in the comments below.

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